Donor & Surrogacy

Using Donor Sperm

For some individuals and couples, creating a family is only possible with the use of donor sperm.

Semen Bank – Donor Sperm

Healthy men are regularly recruited by registered semen banks who have an altruistic desire to help others. The anonymous donors are tested and screened for transmittable diseases. They will be anonymous to recipients at the time of treatment. Known Donor Sperm is not allowed as per Indian law

Donor Egg :

Our Egg Donation Program is available for women or couples who can’t get pregnant using their own eggs because they don’t produce their own eggs, or can’t use the eggs for some reason.

Are donor eggs right for me?

For some women, donor eggs are the only way to become a parent, because of:

• premature ovarian failure (menopause)
• unexplained and repeated miscarriage
• advanced maternal age
• genetic issues
• infertility after treatment for cancer or a serious illness
• unsuccessful IVF treatment cycles.

If you’re thinking about using donor eggs, talk to your fertility specialist about our Egg Donation Program.

How do I become an egg donor?

If you want to donate your eggs, you need to:

• be 21-32 years old (inclusive)
• be in good health with no family history of hereditary disease
• provide a genetic family history
• not be in a high-risk group for HIV/AIDS
• have your partner attend counselling and consent to the donation (if you’re married or in a de facto relationship)
• consent to release identifying information to potential offspring, and non-identifying information to recipients and/or potential recipients
• comply with current state and central laws.

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